Antelope Surgical Navigation is an image-guided surgery product for helping surgeons to perform more accurate and safer surgeries. The device determines the location of a surgical instrument in the operating room and displays that location info on the patient's DICOM image in the computer screen. Much like a real GPS navigation is used to position the car on a city map, the surgeon can track the movement of the surgical instrument during operation in the DICOM image. Instead of interpreting DICOM data during surgery, surgeons can now use the DICOM images and navigate with the help of image-guided surgery. Suitable application areas include:

  • ENT - surgery around the facial nerve
  • ENT - paranasal cavity and pituitary gland surgery
  • Oral-maxillofacial - eye socket fracture, orthognathic surgery
  • Dentistry - wisdom teeth and implants

A fully-functioning prototype exists of the device with CE marking underway. Contact us for trials and more information.


The product suits well for ENT, oral-maxillofacial and dental surgeons. The value of the product:

For surgeons:

  • More accurate surgery means better treatment
  • Use navigation to avoid damaging the nerve during surgery

For hospitals:

  • More accurate surgery means less patient call-backs
  • Decrease operation time
  • Perform more complex surgeries

For medical companies:

  • Differentiate from competitors with add-on feature
  • Make "smart" hardware (drills, dental chairs) by adding navigation
  • Sell different surgical software modules (ENT, dental etc) on top of the same hardware platform

Technical specs


  • 1-2 mm


  • automatic marker detection algorithm

DICOM import

  • yes


  • modular for easy integration to PACS, internal IT systems

Operating system

  • Windows (Mac, Linux upcoming)


  • industry standard NDI infrared tracking cameras

Sensor update rate

  • 20-60 hz